Modifications and improvements

I have made some improvements and modifications to my Model S. On this page I share my experience and the results of the improvements.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Improved Sound

I replaced the speakers of my Model S with the improved speakers from Light Harmonic


The conversion is relatively simple and took about 30 minutes per door.


Here are videos where the conversion is explained.


- Test and conversion:


- Removing the inner lining of the doors: 


I am extremely satisfied with the result and the sound is now much better compared to the standard sound.


I planned to add a Dashcam in my car so that I can record the traffic in case an accident happens. 


After doing some research I learned that a company offers a Dashcam that can easily be implemented in the Model S and Model X and looks like it is part of the car.


I ordered the "Topfit Model S AP 2.0" Dashcam from this link. They also have versions for the Model X and cars with the Autopilot 1.0 system.

The delivery was quick (7-10 days) and it took me only 5 minutes to install the Dashcam. What I like most is that it looks like original from Tesla.


Video Installation Instructions:


The Dashcam video quality is great and so far it works perfectly. 

Retrofit power tailgate lift

Meanwhile the Model S has the electric tailgate as a standard feature. Until April 2017 unfortunately a classic manual tailgate lift was the standard (like I had in my Model S).


I have retrofitted the electric tailgate lift on my model S. I ordered the conversion kit from this shop for about 500 USD/Euro and with the video instructions below the conversion took about 3 hours.


Video Installation Instructions:


I am very satisfied with the conversion and the retrofitted electric tailgate can be operated in the exact same way as the standard (via display, app, button or key).


The quality of the kit is great.